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Individual Workshop (in English)
If you have any special requests regarding the location or date, we can work out a session fully tailored to your needs - from individual workshops to a small group concept. No problem with me - I am flexible and open to anything.

Usually, people want to go on a hike or take a small photography trip with me. I’ll be more than happy to show you around the places and locations from my photos and share the ways I edit my pictures with you.

Be it catching the sunsets over the jagged rock formations of Elbe Sandstone Mountains, capturing the dusk as it takes hold of the picturesque alleys of Prague or the rolling hills of South Moravian vineyards - all can be arranged.

Just drop me an email with your request or idea of an individual workshop and I will get back to you with some solution as soon as I can.

More informations

  • anytime
  • one or more days
  • preferably Europe
  • English
  • 1 or more
  • tutor VOJTa Herout
  • any level of skill
  • depends on you really
  • contact me about the price
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