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I understand that having my picture hanging on the wall is not the same as if you would be with me in the forest. But on the other hand, there are not many easy ways to have the real forest in your house or flat.

I am not of the opinion I can do everything on my own. Therefore I print my photos in a lab, where professionals are using chemicals and the high-quality photographic Fujifilm paper to bring my photographic art to life.

Each print sale is treated as a custom commission. You will deal directly with me and I will personally work with you to select the image, format, size and materials.

Every image is hand signed, numbered if applicable and will be very carefully shipped using courier services for Europe and U.S.A.

Finishing options

The usual finishing options are:

  • Loose print only, no mounting, matting, or frame.
  • Photograph in aluminium frame, matted with lightweight foam board

I understand I am not the right person to change the appearance of the place you live in, so if you wish, we can arrange together almost any finishing you need!

How to purchase

Simply click the "Purchase a print" link found beneath every photograph and follow all the prompts.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made immediately using PayPal or, alternatively, there is the option to request an invoice for payment by bank transfer.

Print prices

    framed print loose print only
small 30 × 45 cm (ca 18" × 12") 90 EUR 50 EUR
medium 60 × 40 cm (ca 24" × 16") 150 EUR 90 EUR
large 90 × 60 cm (ca 36" × 24") 225 EUR 130 EUR
extra-large 120 × 80 cm (ca 48" × 32") 325 EUR 190 EUR

(the prices mentioned above exclude shipping. This will be calculated individually based on the type of print you want and your delivery address)

Postcard prices

quantity price per item
1 2 EUR
2 – 5 1.5 EUR
6 – 10 1 EUR
11 – 50 0.8 EUR
more 0.7 EUR

(the prices mentioned above exclude shipping. This will be calculated individually based on the amount of postcards and your delivery address)

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