Art for Ukraine

Mar 03, 2022, in Other

For some time now I have been wondering how I can help those affected by Putin's invasion of Ukraine. As a person who relatively often experiences some lack of money, my ways to do that are limited.

In the end I decided to start selling a special edition of photo prints, where the entire profit (after deducting the cost of printing itself) will be sent to charity to those institutions that help Ukraine.
Photographs in this edition will be specially marked with a label on the back.

This combination of colors looks great, don´t you think? And I am sure it would look even better on the wall in your living room ;-)

If you have the possibilities to help financially, but you no longer have a free space on the walls of your home, or you would like to help with a financial contribution directly and without deducting the cost of printing, it is even better and I recommend the website

And if you don't have the possibilities to help financially (which I fully understand from my own position), at least try to share this article or just share the website with people you can reach through your social networks.

Now, how do you order a print from my website?
Simply choose a photo you like in my Portfolio and press the button "Purchase a print" down on the website under the photograph. On the following page you just specify the details of your order (size, framing, delivery address,...) and send the order by clicking on the button (surprisingly!) "Order".
I will get back to you with the final price including the delivery.

And I understand because of the current situation yellow and blue photographs might be the ones to search:

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